About Us

Dog n Love LLC is built with a belief in helping others. Our mission is to give all dogs and their humans a happier life together. 

The Original Poop Bag Opener was created after realizing that opening a poop bag is often frustrating. Why are we dog owners licking our fingers before picking up dog poop! Ask yourself, what have I touched between leaving my home and getting to this pile of poop? How many germs are now inside my mouth? In the winter it could be as cold as -30F and dog owners are still taking off gloves to lick our fingers. Consider that a thing of the past! 

The Original Poop Bag Opener eliminates the need to lick your fingers or take off your winter gloves. Open poop bags every time rain or shine. Simply place the bag inside, pinch & twist. It's that easy! 

Dog n Love LLC was founded in Denver Colorado by Travis & his pup Kiko. Created out of a love for dogs and a frustration with poop bags. It took Years of prototyping and designing to create The Original Poop Bag Opener. My life's work is creating ways for dogs and their humans to live happier lives together. I am so grateful that you are here. Thank you for your support.  

Tilly (Left), Travis (Center), Kiko (Right)